Saturday, February 27, 2010

The purpose of this blog will be to display my writings and to discuss issues of interest such as: Law enforcement; Writing Novels, Poetry, Short Stories, Articles; Politics; Movies; and Sports, I am a Redskin Fan and a baseball fan, Nationals, Orioles and Baysox.
I invite different points of views and have nothing against lively discussion as long as they remain civil.
The people I admire living or dead are: Ronald Reagan; Martin Luther King Jr.; Elizabeth Hasselbeck, although I rarely watch the show; Newt Gingrich; Henry Hudson, Judge; James Stewart and John Wayne, actors; Clarence Muse, police detective; Cline Hunnicutt, preacher; Joel Osteen, preacher; Dr. Lois Lee, Children of the Night; Peg Gregson, friend; William "Barry" Wiegand, attorney; Wallace Bradford, police officer; Michael Weiss, friend and Gudger Ray, late father-in-law and farmer.
My admiration for these people varies. I do not necessarily agree or admire every aspect of their lives, nor do I always completely agree with their opinions, but I admire their passion, their determination, their love for their fellow man or woman and their positive approach to life. Five of these people have passed away, but each made a lasting impression on me and my approach to life.
I am a retired vice detective and academy instructor formerly with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. I spent 27 years on the street as an investigator. Most of that time, 24 years, was in vice where my primary investigations involved child predators. I was detailed as a Federal Investigator with the U.S. Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in the mid 1980's and wrote part of the final report. I spent another 8 years as an instructor at the police academy doing in-service training and taking every opportunity to train officers and detectives on investigating child predators. I have lectured on pornography or prostitution enforcement at 7 colleges, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the U.S. Postal Service, MAGLOCLEN and the FBI. I am considered an expert on Prostitution and Pornography with the D.C. Superior Court and the U.S. District Court, although I believe expert is not an apt description.
I am a native Washingtonian, been married twice, have six children and ten grandchildren with another on the way. I have written two books, "Shame: The Story of a Pimp," which is only available on-line at, Barnes&, or through this blog; and "Pimpel," which has not been published as yet, but when it is published this blog will announce it. Both of these books are fiction, basically because I believe that writing a non-fiction book about real sexually exploited children would be further exploitation of that child and I refuse to do it. I wrote about what I know and each book reflects the street as it really is and shows the constant violence and sexual exploitation that takes place. My books are not for children, but demonstrate what these vulnerable children of the street endure. I have also written a number of poems and short stories, which have been published in the FOP Union paper "Simulcast." One of my poems, "Tears on the Wall," was recorded on a CD titled "Heroes Unsung."
I am currently the President of the Writers' League of Washington and invite anyone interested in writing to join our small group. Dues are $10 a year and we meet the first Saturday of every month from October to June at the Chevy Chase Library at Connecticut Avenue and Northampton Street N.W. from 2 pm to 4 pm. Come visit and see what you think. I am also a member of the Public Safety Writers Association and plan to attend their conference in Las Vegas in June. I have entered into several contests and will post the results on this blog in July.

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