Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hollywood politics

I saw in today's paper that Sean Penn thinks journalists who write that Hugo Chavez is a dictator should be jailed.  Does anybody know what country he holds citizenship?  Does Penn believe that the liberal media lies about the things that Chavez says and does?  Is Chavez producing one of his movies and he's just kissing ass?  Intellectually, I didn't think Penn was that ignorant.  I intend to add him to the list of idiot actors I will no longer patronize.  George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and the Dixie Chicks are already on the list.  I'm afraid I just can't listen or watch someone who doesn't believe in America.

The two major films up for the Academy Award were Avatar and the Hurt Locker.  I was fortunate to see both of these films.  Both of these films were described by some people as being political.  Avatar I could see as it mirrored what our government did to native americans.  With the Hurt Locker, I failed to see the politics.  All I saw were brave American soldiers doing a job unlike any other in a hostile environment with the courage and determination thats reflected in most of our troops.

I used to be quite a movie buff.  Hollywood has just become way too opinionated for my tastes.  I still the love the old movies, where rarely did you see blood and the sex was always implied, but not shown.  Sean Penn has every right to say the things he says, but I have every right to boycott his movies. 

My dream has been to one day receive an Academy Award for one of my stories and undoubtedly I would be thrilled to meet some these Hollywood stars, but I pledge to you right now I will carry my beliefs in God and Country and will never knowingly compromise myself to one of these fools.

God Bless America and the men and women who protect her. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Writers' League of Washington will be meeting tomorrow.  Each month we pick a word to write something about.  The writing can be any form, story, article, poem, limerick.  Our word for this month is 'rendezvous.'  This is what I wrote.  For those of you who are familiar with the movie "Casablanca."


They come to the hot sands to relax and play
some stay for week, a month, some just for the day
They wander the broadwalk and eat the delites
enjoying the sunning days and the partying nights

She walked in the place knowing it was Mick's
She found the jukebbox and selected B6
The familiar tune made Mick turn with a sign
As the jukebbox played "As Time Goes By"

She sat at the counter and said you know what I eat
He felt the hurt renewing, he remembered her deceit
Of all the pizza joints in the world she walks into mine
Instead of a romantic rendezvous she left him behind

He knew she liked her pie with sausage and pepperoni
and he'd make it for her even though she was a phony
He still remembered Vegas and what he thought was love
The nights they spent together, what was he thinking of

She took all his money and left him all alone
with no transportation and no way to get home
He spit on her pizza and slowly closed the lid
and handed it to her smiling, here's looking at you kid

Monday, March 1, 2010

This was a poem I wrote when Washington, D.C. was in the top five as far as the number of murders.


A yellow line surrounds the scene
A young black girl's body lies serene
She was shot to death for no reason
Another victim of the killing season

A Congressman's aid lies in the street, blood gushing
The sound of sirens, the police come rushing
A crowd is forming to see who
Another victim, what can we do

A latino man is dead, his shirt torn open
in Spanish or English, no word is spoken
His gang has gone to form a plan
The hatred will kill another man

In life she ran the Korean store
Then shots rang out, death closed the door
No matter whose life there is no sequel
So in life and death we are all equal